Platina Editions
Brand / E-Com Design

Platina Editions is the work of acclaimed photographer Christopher Ireland. Each hand made photographic print is developed exclusively using traditional and alternative darkroom methods underpinned by more than a century of photographic craft.

Chris approached Sensory to help launch the fine art business online & offline and needed a full spectrum approach to the brands design language for e-commerce, packaging, collateral, advertising, social media and broader marketing.

Having successfully launched online, Chris has extended Platina's public profile with his first solo exhibition, charity involvement and the upcoming Sydney Contemporary festival.

Platina Editions by Christopher Ireland

Creative Direction
E-Commerce Website
Packaging Design
Social Strategy

Christopher Ireland

Made by Hand • Crafted by History

Bespoke limited edition hand printed art.


"After deciding to launch my own fine art brand, I needed to draw on this knowledge of the industry to find the right partner. Cameron’s taste for style, eye for aesthetics and innate sense of design already made him stand out, but it was his gut-level understanding of my product, genuine encouragement and the integrity behind his ideas that made him my top choice.

Most importantly, he made it clear that he believed in the potential of my brand, and defended every strategic decision that served the overall vision. Cam’s passion for art infuses the creative decisions he makes, ensuring his vision is always evolving and relevant.

I can’t thank him enough for bringing this talent to my brand launch so that I may benefit from his devotion to design-craft and art."

- Chris Ireland (Founder)


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