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As the Coastal Elite yacht of disco infused funk and disco soul set to depart the shores for a summer of sun drenched musical mayhem Sensory were welcomed aboard to comendere the design and visual language of the journey.

Building on the history of nautical flag symbols the graphic language maintained a precise guideline for release creative and associated assets. 

Working closely with photographer Nick Bowers over the years has seen the consistent capture of an ever revolving number of sea fairing crew members of some of the best to ever grace the deck. 

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Nick Bowers

Part 01/02/03

Music for Marinas

The heat, the breeze, the salt and the unsteady ocean groove. Think of the sense of freedom, the alluring glimpses of pecan-brown skin and and a distant horizon


"It was the most perfect realisation of a design brief you could imagine - so strong and visually effective that it seemed like it had already been done. In what could in different circumstances perhaps be a battle of wills and creative direction, Sensory and Coastal Elite achieved a trust factor that is absolute, and they have been creative partners in all artwork, photo shoots, merchandise, advertising formats and social media channels. It’s actually inconceivable to think of Coastal Elite without Sensory, a crazy talented designer and it’s so exciting to be doing this project with him."

- Josh Beagley (Label Owner)


The Coastal Elite All Stars (as they have come to be known over the years), are a diverse ensemble of musicians spread across the country, and often the world.

Working with photographer Nick Bowers, we conceived and executed over half a dozen separate shoots dependent on artist availabilty. 

The scene was carefully maintained over 2 years of shooting to keep a consistent brand language for multiple single releases, press launches and promotional advertising.


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