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Five and Nine

Christopher Ireland Photography

Working in a creative share space opens up a host of opportunities, sometimes distracting but mostly rewarding.

When the 2 Christopher’s entered the space at the same time, it was a given that Sensory would get involved in a collaboration.

It was an eerie coincidence that both Christopher Ireland and Christopher Doyle had worked together on projects for mutual clients, shared commentary about the quality of coffee over Twitter, yet had never officially met in the flesh.

So when an opportunity presented itself to give C.I a much needed lift in regards to his personal ongoing photography work, Sensory brought the WordPress customisation to the table, and C.D’s cherry on top was the beautiful Five + Nine branding.

There’s something exciting about that much talent sitting within ear shot, and it would be with a strong recommendation you visit the boys online, and even better, in the flesh.

Chris’ Five and Nine is an incredible photographic journey through personal projects of portraiture, landscape, story telling and beauty. His work can be found here and of course at Five + Nine

Sir Christopher Doyle is forever carving out the finest design and brand material for theatre, music, the arts and services. His goods can be ogled here while his Twitter rants are well worth a drop in here